Discover the secrets of a Proper Human Diet with "The Proper Human Diet Guidebook" by Dr. Ken Berry

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Mastering the Carnivore Lifestyle with The Proper Human Diet Guidebook by Dr. Ken Berry


Dr. Berry's Comprehensive Guide to Vibrant Health: Unveiling Dietary Secrets and Navigating Nutritional Pitfalls Together

Dr. Ken Berry's

11 Concepts

Folks, I've laid out 11 vital principles for a healthier, more vibrant life through smart dietary choices. Embrace real foods, avoid harmful additives and sugars, and focus on healthy fats and proteins. A colorful plate, intermittent fasting, hydration, sunlight, and quality sleep are essential. Your gut health plays a crucial role. These principles guide your path to well-being, and we're on this transformative journey together.

Beware of the

Following Items

My guide takes you on a journey into the often overlooked dangers lurking in your diet, from breaded meats to seemingly harmless condiments. These factors wield a powerful influence over your well-being. If you're truly committed to steering your diet towards a healthier future, my guide is your indispensable ally. Let's embark on this transformative journey to better health together!

Sweeteners, Beverages, & Condiments

Let's dive into sweeteners, beverages, and condiments, everyday choices silently impacting your health. In my guide, I unveil the underestimated culprits and their effects. It's an in-depth exploration, crucial for wiser dietary choices and taking control of your health. My guide is your roadmap to navigate these dietary pitfalls and steer toward a healthier future.